At Last – It’s Here!

Today has been a day of excitement as I rushed home from work. You see, earlier in the day my wife informed me that a particular box had arrived with the proofs of the paperback version of Pallitine Lost.

Eager as I was, I felt somewhat nervous because I knew that I was about to see this book in print for the first time. If you are unfamiliar with this sensation, think of seeing something you’ve spent a lot of time creating for the first time in a very tangible and real sense – I felt excited, cautious, with a dash of nervous optimism. You see, several things can happen between the whole preparing the manuscript and having the cover created process and the actual printing  of the book itself. The cover could be misaligned, text could be left out, and a myriad of other unexpected things could go wrong if the impish powers-that-be choose to see fit to toy with the whole creation process. Mind you, I took the time to pour over the book and make sure that everything was in order, so I was fairly confident that this printing would go as smoothly as did the predecessor’s, Pallitine Rising, but you never know.

Fortunately, the paperback looks great. I could not be more pleased and I hope that you will love it just as much as I do.

To celebrate, I’ve knocked a buck off the price for the Kindle version of Pallitine Rising, making it $2.99, with similar reductions in other markets.

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